Experiences and Advice

What No One Told Me About the Early Stages of Motherhood

You can attend all antenatal classes to try and understand the role of becoming a mother and what to expect but once your baby is born reality may be different.

Every baby and experience is different so, not everyone will experience these or may have other experiences.

Here are 10 things I encountered that I never knew would happen or was told about:

  1. Breastfeeding every hour on the hour for the first few days frequent nursing is quite normal as it is helps to establish a good milk supply for the mother. The Little Fella didn’t feed for about 24 hours after he was born which I didn’t know can happen and is fine.
  1. Breast milk has a natural laxative you will change a lot of dirty nappies but this will settle down. I fed the Little Fella quite frequently and he pooed after each feed, from about week 10, this settled down and he now has about 2 dirty nappies a day.
  1. Milk will leak a lot it is very important to pack breast pads. The first few days I leaked a lot and sometimes it came through my clothes.
  1. Cluster feeding this is when babies feed a lot in a short space of time. The Little Fella fed 9 times in 4 hours and I was wondering if this was normal so, I started researching into it and it is.
  1. Doesn’t take to crib in hospital the Little Fella found it hard to adapt to the cot/crib. Every time the Little Fella was put down he would wake up as he was in a big space, it took some time for him to adapt from being in an open space instead of the womb.

Tip: have baby close to you and slowly put into to cot, this will try and illuminate the shock of going from a warm place into a cold cot and keep your hands close by for some reassurance.

  1. Babies have a Moro reflex that wakes them up. The Little Fella would wake himself up as his arms would shoot out and it would startle him. The Little Fella did this for about 7-10 days.
  1. Growth Spurts these occur at different ages. The Little Fella slept and ate quite a lot when he was going through his growth spurts.
  1. Your hair falls out a lot when brushing or washing. This started happening from week 10, this is normal and is caused by hormones.
  1. Experience Baby Blues where mums can cry a lot and is caused by hormones. After giving birth I started crying a lot around day 4 and I would just cry about anything and find things quite emotional.
  1. Linea Nigra a dark line that goes down the stomach throughout pregnancy can take around a year to go post pregnancy. From around week 8 I started noticing my line disappearing.

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