Experiences and Advice

Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, I used the Neal’s Yard Mother’s Balm. It is 100% organic and I felt very confident using it on my stomach. This balm is designed to improve the appearance of stretchmarks, increase skin’s firmness and elasticity.

I started using this balm after 5 weeks of being pregnant. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth. I can always remember asking my friend if their skin was sore as it was being so stretched with having a bump and they said their skin was itchy, but I didn’t experience any itchiness and I think it was down to this product.

When I was about 37 or 38 weeks pregnant I started to notice some stretchmarks on my stomach. I can remember frantically looking on the internet on how to get rid of them post-pregnancy and now looking back, I feel so ashamed. The stretchmarks I have on my stomach are the proudest ‘tattoos’ I could ever have, they signify my son and how proud I am of my body. The stretchmarks tell a story and now that they are fading I find it quite upsetting.

My baby was 9lbs 2oz when he was born! If your skin is going to stretch that much to cater for having a big baby I don’t think any cream/lotion will be able to prevent stretch marks.

I honestly would love women to embrace the appearance of their stomachs after pregnancy and feel proud of what their body has achieved and gone through. I think there is too much pressure for women to have the ‘perfect’ body.


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