Experiences and Advice

My Personal Experiences and Advice

Here I will write about the different experiences I’ve had and the advice I would offer to others.

This is based on my own personal experiences/advice and you should seek proper advice from professionals.

You May Do A LOT of Googling!

I did a lot of googling at the start of being a mother about all different things as it is all new to us. I think it’s very important that you look on trusted websites like the NHS that can give you the information.


Try not to be so uptight about routines. One of the first questions you get asked is how much do they sleep at night or how regularly do they feed. I think it’s very important that we remember that babies are not robots! We don’t feed or snack at the same time everyday so why do we expect them to?


I regularly get asked how much did the Little Fella feed but that’s one thing you cannot see when breastfeeding, the way to find out whether your baby is doing well is whether that are having a lot of wet nappies and 1-2 dirty nappies or putting on weight.

Seek Advice or Support

When you’re a new mother, you experience a lot of things that you’ve never had to before! It’s so important to ask for help as everything is so new to you – I know it’s sometimes easier said than done!! I’ve found that there is a lot of support but you sometimes do need to research it, for example, there are numerous breastfeeding groups where you can meet with other mums to share experiences or ask for advice and have professional on hand too.

Don’t Compare

When you start attending play groups or researching information on forums, it can be so easy to compare baby’s and wonder why your baby isn’t sleeping all night through like others or sitting up etc. Every baby is different and so is there developments. I have sometimes found that those who said their baby sleeps all night does wake up but doesn’t share that information.

Don’t Be Uncomfortable

Parents start feeling uncomfortable once their baby starts to cry, especially when other babies are around. A baby cries because they need something and it’s their way of communication. Every baby cries so don’t worry about it and relax and attend your baby’s needs.

Eat and Drink Well

Ensure you’re having a sufficient diet and drinking a lot of water, it is so important that you look after yourself.

Download an app

I have installed an app on my phone so I can record when the Little Fella eats as one of the first questions you get asked by health visitors or if you attend a baby clinic is how is his feeding? It also reminds me on which side the Little Fella feeds from.

What advice would you offer others based on your own personal experiences?


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