Baby and Toddler Activities · Review

Water Babies

Long before I was pregnant, I can remember seeing photos of babies swimming and always thought that when I had my own it was something I wanted to do with my baby.

Since a young age, my parents took me to swimming lessons. Swimming is such a great skill to have and something I really wanted my son to develop. At a young age, the Little Fella absolutely loves water and it is safe to say he is definitely a water baby!! Developing this love of water at an early age is very beneficial as now the Little Fella isn’t scared and is sorted for life (in my opinion).

After signing up your baby you will receive a welcoming pack, this will include information regarding the equipment needed, what you need to do, information about the photoshoot and also information about the location of your lessons.

I ordered the happy liners, happy wrap and happy nappy wetsuit. The Little Fella grew very quickly and only wore the wetsuit for 3 weeks and then I ordered the happy nappy. The wetsuit was very hard to get on, they advise that the bathers are snug to prevent any accidents in the pool. Using the happy nappy is so much easier than the wetsuit. The reasoning behind the wetsuit was that the temperature of the pool and age of the Little Fella.

I am going to give a review on Chapter 1, we have enrolled onto Chapter 2 and I will review this chapter in due course.

Since session 1, the classes have a slight progression which is really nice as you don’t feel rushed and you can see the developments. Having a slow progression also allows the babies to get used the different techniques used.

All sessions are of a similar plan and sessions last for 30 minutes. At first when we signed up and realised the cost (£126 for 9 sessions), we thought it was very expensive for 30 minutes but half an hour is definitely enough!

We do a warm-up which consists of a few different songs to introduce the baby into the lesson and water. You also have to put water over your baby’s head, prior to this you say the babies name, ready, go! This allows the baby to associate this phase and water going over their face. This then develops into the baby being submerged into the water.

The main part of the session consists of: swimming, underwater swims, toys, singing and also helping the baby get into the water. The underwater swims gradually build up through this sessions depending on their age. The first session the babies go under once. Babies are allowed to go under the water once if they are 1 month, twice if they are 2 months etc. When we first did the underwater swims, I was so nervous, however, the Little Fella was absolutely fine and didn’t cry which made me feel relieved. With the babies being used to living in the womb, they have a reflex that prevents them from swallowing water and to hold their breathe. Babies who are crying or experiencing hiccups cannot go under the water. Nearer to the end of the chapter, you let go of you baby underwater and allow them to swim but again this is built on from the first sessions where you don’t let go and you do moving underwater swims. You also help your baby get used to swimming on their back, where you look into the baby’s eyes and sing a song. Babies are also encouraged to hold on to the sides of the pool, of all the activities this is the most challenging (this may depend on the age) as the Little Fella still has his hands in a tight clasp.

The last part of the session involves singing twinkle twinkle little star and swimming your baby on their backs. This is a lovely part of the session and really good bonding time.

Chapter 1 includes a free photoshoot, which I will write about in another post.

The swimming instructor is lovely, friendly and guides you through everything. The other parents are too and it’s so nice to go through this process together and watch each other’s baby’s grow.

Although Water Babies is very expensive, especially when compared to other swimming classes, I am so glad we’ve signed up! I’m so happy that my baby has gained water confidence at a young age. The bond we share whilst swimming is amazing too and I cannot wait till Chapter 2 starts.


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