Baby and Toddler Activities · Review

Tiny Talk

When I was pregnant, Tiny Talk was something I really wanted to attend. I had friends who attended the classes and absolutely loved them so, I put my name down whilst pregnant to ensure we got a place.

With the Little Fella being so young he slept through most of the sessions but I wouldn’t let this put you off as I feel that the classes are mostly for the parents to learn the signs and to implement them at home so, going at an early age was ok. Each week there is a different theme but every third session is a recap week. The first session was based on food, here we learnt the baby sign for milk. Every time I fed the Little Fella I would sign milk so he could associate the two. After 2 weeks of attending Tiny Talks, he was signing milk. Although, he doesn’t sign milk every time, if he gets agitated and I sign milk he smiles so, I know exactly what he wants!

The sessions cost £30 for 6 sessions and £55 for 10 sessions.

The classes are split into two, the first 30 minutes involves singing, signing and some sensory play. The following 30 minutes is social time for the parents where we can help ourselves to tea/coffee or juice and cake/biscuits whilst babies/toddlers play with a large variety of toys.

The classes are so friendly and enjoyable. The teacher is very good!! She is friendly, bubbly and very welcoming and this really makes you enjoy the session even more.

We start off with a welcome song, allowing the children to sign the first letter of their name. The teacher then shows us signs for a particular topic whilst using props and we then sing songs related to these and sign. These songs are either sung whilst we are sat on the floor or whilst moving around the room. At the end of the session, we sing songs with musical instruments (rattles) which babies love as they can get involved. Singing with each other and doing actions is a great way to bond as we have plenty of smiles and eye contact.

I’ve heard that a few people are sceptical to the use of sign language at an early age as signing may be detrimental to their speech. I love the fact that at an early age babies/toddlers can communicate with their parents which can prevent frustration and tantrums as we can understand their needs. I feel that as long as you talk to your baby then they will still pick up on this development.

Tiny Talks also sell DVDS and rattles that they use in the play session. The Little Fella loves the rattles so, we brought two, these cost £2.50 each. We have the DVD but we haven’t even watched it yet so, I can’t comment.

I absolutely love Tiny Talks and would recommend it to anyone, it’s a great way to meet other parents, allow your baby/toddler to socialise and to learn some new skills.


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