Top Baby Sleep Products

The Little Fella still isn’t all night through. We did have a little routine but when the clocks went back it upset it, then the Little Fella had his 16 week immunisations which upset his routine again and then he had a cold which again interrupted his routine. I get up 2-4 times in the night with the Little Fella to feed him.

I thought I would share with you some of the sleep products we use.

Chicco Next2me Bedside Crib

With the Little Fella waking up so often in the night to feed, the Next2me is great! I breastfeed and I think this product is great as its very convenient and so easy to pick up your baby and to put them back down to sleep. The Next2me can be attached to your bed frame to allow for co-sleeping. I love that the Little Fella and I are so close at night, I do worry though in case my quilt goes onto his crib so I make sure I tuck it under me. The Next2me is adjustable so, you can have it at height that suits your bed. When the Little Fella had a cold I tilted the crib slightly to help him breathe a little better. It also comes with a travel bag which is great as you can fold it down and take it anywhere with you. The Next2me can also turn into a ‘normal’ crib as the zipped side can be closed, you can then move the crib away from the bed and when the Little Fella is ready to go into his cot this is a nice gentle transition to allow you to become used to him not being beside you but still in the same room. The Next2me is more spacious than a Moses basket, this is great as the Little Fella is quite long and would have out grown a Moses basket quite quickly. The Next2me is quite hard to move from room to room though if you would like to use it for day times naps too. The Next2me is quite wobbly too. I am so happy with this product and would definitely recommend!

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-7-45-25-pmChicco LullaGo Crib

We were very fortunate that we was given this as a gift and we kept this downstairs for day time naps. Just like the Next2me, the LullaGo is very spacious but much more sturdy than the Next2me. I have used this during the night and the Next2me is so much easier to use though. You can fold and carry the LullaGo anywhere, it comes with a travel bag and is very easy to assemble. I love the mesh at the side of the crib as it allows you to see your baby. The size of the LullaGo is great too and would last us until the Little Fella is 6 months old or when he’s starting to sit up.

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-16-58-pmBlackout Curtains

When the Little Fella is gets very tired in the day I settle him down in my bedroom so he’s not distracted by everything downstairs. Having blackout curtains helps make naps easier as they block out the day light and make the room much more peaceful.

Baby Shusher

To help the Little Fella relax, I would always shush whilst trying to settle him. When I went for a new born photoshoot the photographer had a baby shusher and it helped settle the Little Fella. These can be purchased from the internet, however, I downloaded the app. At night when the Little Fella is unsettled but still asleep I play this and it helps him relax again. We also have a different one which has a heartbeat noise, which imitates being inside a mother’s womb.



I would definitely recommend this product! When the Little Fella was first born, we used a blanket to keep him warm, however, once he started to wiggle and move around his crib I got scared in case the blanket went over his face. The sleeping bag comes in different togs so, you can choose which sleeping bag suits the temperature of your room. I would recommend purchasing a sleeping bag that has shoulder poppers as this feature is great when the Little Fella has fell asleep, you just lay the baby on top and fasten the sleeping bag up. However, we have used a sleeping bag that just zipped down the middle and if the Little Fella fell to sleep before we put the sleeping bag on then we would disturb him as you would have to put his arms through the arm holes.

The Gro-Bags are quite expensive but we found that ‘The Precious Little One’ website has good deals and John Lewis also price match.


At night, the Little Fella would wear a normal babygrow, however, when I fed him in the night I noticed his arms were cold, although its suggested that if their chest and back is warm they are ok but his arms were very cold and his chest wasn’t that warm either! We purchased these Gro-Suits as they have quilted sleeves and are designed for colder temperatures which is perfect now we are in winter. They are just like normal Babygro’s but have thicker arms and also have an easy popper feature. The Gro-Suits retail at £15 for two, which I thought was quite reasonable.

The Gro-Suits are designed to be worn underneath a Grobag (if the sleeping bag hasn’t got arms included). Combining these two products means you don’t need any other bedding or layers and it gives me peace of mind knowing he can’t wiggle and get the blanket over his face. Using these two products has given me a peace of mind as I know the Little Fella is warm but isn’t overheating.screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-23-54-pm

Please check all the safety guidelines on The Gro Company’s website in regards to room temperature, what products are needed and safe sleeping.


The Gro-Egg changes colour, this features allows you to see whether the room temperature is too low, high or is just right. Having the Gro-Egg in our enables us to maintain a safe sleeping environment and also allows us to see what the Little Fella needs to wear, for example, 1, 2.5 tog bag or a vest or Gro-Suit etc.


What products do you use to help your baby sleep well? Would you recommend other products?


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