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Tummy Time

The Little Fella enjoys doing tummy time but with him feeding regularly and having naps it was hard to fit in but tummy time only has to be for a few minutes a day so I spaced it out throughout the day.

Tummy time tips:

  • Wait until at least an hour after feeding
  • Don’t do it whilst baby is tired
  • Go to eye level and talk or sing to them

We did tummy time with the Little Fella from when he was new born. 

The Little Fella enjoys being on his tummy but he doesn’t lift his head, he smiles away just laying flat on the floor. He also enjoys eating his mat.

We received the mamas and papas light and sound lotty playmat as a gift. When the Little Fella was around 3 months we used this to help with tummy time as he was able to lift his head up. This mat comes with a cushion that can help aid tummy time.

We then decided to buy a Mamas and Papas activity toy which was flat and had an activity to help entertain the Little Fella. This also allowed him to have variation as he started to get a little bored with the toy mat as he used it everyday. 

Now the Little Fella will go on his tummy and play with his toys and also rolls over. He is now 5 months but doesn’t like to stay long on his tummy.


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