Lotty Light Sound Tummy Time Playmat

We received the mamas and papas light and sound lotty playmat as a gift. This is a great play gym and also allows the Little Fella to practice his tummy time as being up helps encourage him to lift his head.

We’re really pleased with this play mat, however, it is quite difficult to keep clean as the fabric of the mat holds fluff and with it being on the floor can get quite dusty so it needs cleaning quite regularly. We use a clothes brush!

We put the Little Fella on this mat since he was about a week old. It’s been so nice to watch how his developments have grown whilst using it, he now holds the different garden animals, smiles in the mirror and also kicks and waves his arms. I love the fact that you can remove the toys and then use the playmat as a mat to sit on so, when he can sit up we can read together on it.

It’s a really colourful and bright play mat and each of the garden animals have a different sensory, for example, crinkle, rattle, music etc. The Little Fella loves lights and the bigger mirror has lights that flash when music is playing.

The cushion to lay on is padded which provides comfort for the baby especially if you have hard flooring.

There is a lot of different activities on this mat which is suitable from newborn.


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