Weaning Diary

I’ve been so excited to start weaning the Little Fella. I’ve got some recipe books ready so we can cook different foods. 

Prior to weaning the Little Fella, I’ve read into it a lot on the internet or books. I also attended a weaning workshop ran by the health visitors, which was great as I also got the opportunity to ask questions.

I want to introduce the Little Fella to various foods and tastes to ensure he isn’t a fussy eater and will eat anything when he is older.

Day 1

I prepared some homemade porridge (recipe on my blog) and wanted to incorporate a breakfast into our routine as the Little Fella is very happy in the mornings so, I thought this would suit. 

He had a very small amount (I don’t think he swallowed any) and after a few goes he closed his lips and wouldn’t have any more. I didn’t feel comfortable starting so soon and as I was feeding the Little Fella I felt that he wasn’t ready. 

Day 2-4

I didn’t feed the Little Fella any foods as I wanted to have a chat with the health visitors. 

Day 5

The health visitors and I had a talk about weaning and I thought it was wise to start.

Day 6-12

We started again with baby porridge (recipe on my blog). I thought it was appropriate to start with porridge as it would be of similar taste to milk and not too much of a jump.

Day 8

My mum brought a mango as they was on offer in Aldi so I prepared the mango and froze it ready for when the Little Fella will consume fruit.

Day 13-15

After a week I wanted to introduce a dinner and I prepared some puréed carrot (recipe coming soon). 

Day 16

Whilst shopping in Tesco I looked at the freezer section to have a look at vegetables that were already chopped so I brought some sweet potato which cost £1. Using frozen food is a very good option as it is already prepared which saves time and is also more nutrient dense when compared to the same fresh food items.

Day 18-19

The Little Fella keeps closing his mouth whenever something goes towards his lips. He’s teething quite badly now and you can feel the teeth coming to the surface.

Day 20

I didn’t give the Little Fella any solids as he is teething really badly and will not accept any food in the previous days.

I’m going to speak to the health visitor about whether I should continue to wean whilst he is teething or have a break.


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